Subconcious Patterning

I was in the park the other day with my kids... there was a mum wearing a beautiful woollen sweater with a lovely set of colourful patterns around the neck. Her little son was wearing a similar sweater in cream. I said to her as I passed how lovely both their jumpers were and she suddenly smiled saying she hadn't noticed at all that she had put them in matching clothes.

It got me thinking how often I've done that - subconsciously dressed my sons and I in similar clothes - either we are all in stripes, or all in grey. It's really interesting how the mind can create these patterns without us having any conscious idea that we are doing it.

How strong is the mind... and how would it be if we could begin to make other parts of our lives so familiar that they become subconscious - the reminder to breathe deeply when we need to for example. When things feel tense, our body's natural response would be to breathe, to support ourselves.

But it mostly made me think how many subconscious things we put in order, or place in a way that pleases us without really knowing why, and often without even seeing them ourselves.

#yoga #notice #subconciouspatterning

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