When we sit, all sorts of things happen. Things occur to us that might never have come if we kept running in our busy lives. It's where yoga started, in a comfortable seated position. Drawing inwards, meditation, but sitting very very still. We live in a culture where sitting on the floor isn't common for us, and we find it uncomfortable.. Sitting cross legged pulls in all sorts of places. We are used to sofas, office chairs, cars... seats which tighten our hips and shorten our muscles.

But what if we just try sitting on the floor, pile up blocks and cushions and sit so you're comfortable. Nothing is tight, so you can ground through your sit bones and lengthen through the crown of the head. Close your eyes, take some deep slow breaths in and out.. focus inward.. see where it takes you....

#sitting #quiet #peace #drawingin #yoga #hove #hoveyogateacher

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