Something I've noticed is that often during our busy days, and busy lives, we only notice our body when it gives us pain. When it tells us something specific. A headache, sore shoulders, your back hurting, the feeling of bumping into a table. At that point, our body is determined to get our attention and focus - and pain is a surefire way of getting us to notice. And it made me think how perhaps we could take a moment or two each day, or more if we have time and want to, to notice our body, at times when it's not clamouring for our attention. At times when it's working to serve our minds, keep us moving and going through the day.

Can you take a moment to stop and scan your body? Just to notice. Just to see. My shoulders tend to drop, my jaw loosen.. For that moment, I focus my awareness on my body.

Toes, feet, ankles, shins, calfs, knees, thighs.... hips, belly, back, shoulders... fingers, hands, wrists, forearms, upper arms. Notice your neck. Notice your head, notice your jaw. Notice your whole body. In that moment of noticing, do you see any change?

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