Updated: Jun 7, 2019

What is a mudra - it's a Sanskrit gesture mostly performed with the hands or fingers. They carry specific goals of drawing yourself inwards. While the practice of poses and asana use the body, the use of mudra can really help in accomplishing the goal of drawing the focus inwards. When I don't have time to practice, I find doing a really simple mudra practice which only takes a few minutes can really help calm the mind, focus the attention and intention and allow some clarity when I open my eyes after the sequence. The photo is of angel mudra - the mudra of greeting. The journey I am taken on practicing a mudra sequence is peaceful. A quietness and alertness that wasn't present before. I don't use enough mudra in my practice, and by writing this blog, it sets my intention to use them more and to upload a video in the next few days of the simple sequence I enjoy.




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