Left and Right

I’ve always found it absolutely fascinating with yoga that the differences between the left and right side of your body become so clear. Because yoga separates each asana into left and right, you're able to immediately feel in your body how differently each side functions. It can be down to being left or right handed, carrying children on one side, the body just being made differently each side, the type of work we do.. yoga really brings an awareness into the body of varying tightnesses and where we can focus our attention to breathe and stretch and strengthen.

Lying on your back, closing your eyes and noticing each part of the body, from toes to head, only the right side, then starting again, noticing each part of the body only on the left side, fully brings the mind into contact with the body. Focusing on breathing only into the right or left side of the chest can allow you to breathe more consciously and fully. Practising nadi shodana, alternate nostril breathing... all of these things allow you to feel, notice, relax and respond to your body in a far more specific, aware and gentle way. Knowing your body more profoundly can allow us to be kinder to ourselves - allow us to notice quickly what we need.

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