Adapting in Strange Times

A few weeks ago I don't think I'd have considered teaching yoga online.. I never had the right setup, I wasn't sure it was something I was interested in. And then the world changed with coronavirus and after initially thinking I'd cancel my classes, I was asked by a few people if I would consider teaching online.. which I am.. and I realise how vital it is to keep that sense of community, of 'togetherness' during coronavirus lockdown. How important it is to keep the connection with the breath and with the body, and with each other. And I feel humbled that by bringing yoga through the new (for me) medium of live online teaching, I can hold a space for people which can bring them community and peace in these troubled times. And I'm learning about myself in this time, learning about my kids, learning about what's important, learning about combining yoga and tech! And what we feel grateful for in each and every moment.

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